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Time spent preparing... will save you the headache later on.

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Cover your bases

You want to have the best times of your life in Cambodia, but things don't always go as planned.  Its always best to prepared for those mishaps in life.

tips to prepare for

Here are lists of what I think is crucial for you to enjoy your travels in Cambodia.  These are just some of my items to think about, but may differs with each individuals.

Have questions? We have answers!

Kenneth, Avid traveler


I've been to over 10+ countries and adding each year.  I know how it is to be a traveler in a foreign country.

Sopheap, Tour Guide


Sopheap has been a tour guide in Cambodia for over 10+ years.  Started off as a moto driver all the way up to offical Tour Guide.

Dalen, Media & Visual


Dalen has been helping companies in Cambodia grow their media and visual  needs for many years. Passion is photography.

Prepping for your Trip

Does your passport need a visa?


Cambodia is a very friendly country when it comes to visiting for tourism.  Many passports are approved for travel into Cambodia online or even on arrival.  We have provided a link to check your passport. The cost associated with each visa programs. The length of stay you are allowed and etc.

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Things to bring along


There are many items in Western countries that will be of great help for your travels in Cambodia. Be prepared to pay extra for things that imported to Cambodia.  There are many items nowadays readily available due to the massive tourism business.  We'll just go over some items that we think will help you in your travels.

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Money and exchange rates

us dollars, canadian dollars, yen

Cambodia's currency is the Khmer Riels, but the US dollars are widely used through out the country.  Currently the exchange rate is approximately 4,000 riels = $1 US Dollars.  The exchange rates fluctuates.  The Thai Baht is also a currency of choice near the borders to Thailand.  We will advise you the best way of handling money while in Cambodia.

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airlines and bookings


We all love a great deal when it comes to traveling or anything else.  We'll go over some reviews of airlines and travel sites to get the best deals.  From experience buying airline tickets in Cambodia is 40% costlier than booking yourself.  And expect to pay cash! I learn the hard way that Airlines in Cambodia do Not generally accept online promotions.



We'll go over the climate and conditions in Cambodia.  The rules and norms while visiting different sites.  Buying new clothes in Cambodia is an option, but be warned that the sizes of Cambodians are much smaller than that of Western counter parts.



Cambodia has truly changed since the days of diarhea from drinking water is bad ice.  There are many pharmacies and clinics at your disposal, but like everything else imported in Cambodia., it gets mighty expensive.  We'll go over medicines that you should bring over or refer you to ones in Cambodia.

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Bare in mind even though there are millions of tourists each year traveling to Cambodia, it is still for the most part a 3rd world country.  Meaning many households still do not have adequate toiletry.  Poor hygiene and sanitation habits will get many traveler's sick and ruin their vacation.  It best you consult with your doctor and get some shots before traveling to Cambodia.  Buy some anti-diarrhea pills and carry them along with you. It may come in handy.

Travel Insurance


Tomorrow is never guaranteed.  We will never know what the future beholds, but its best we be pro-active in handling disaster situations.  Cambodia's medical facilities are not too modern, and for those who can afford it, usually travels to neighboring countries such as Thailand or Vietnam for major medical treatments.  These visits may determine life or death but many hospitals in Cambodia will not care for you unless you have the means.  Buy insurance just in case.

Pre-book hotels/rooms


Pre-Arrange your stay at a hotel/guesthouse/accommodations before you arrive is a must.  Choosing a room/hotel/guesthouse close to the airport is not too desirable.  You will not be able to be too fussy getting off a long airplane ride.  My suggestion is to research your stay before you arrive in Cambodia.  We have a page dedicated to reviews of certain hotels, guesthouses, rooms, and etc.

care for pets/animals


Leaving for a few weeks to month, and you forgot about the family pets?  Make sure your pets are taken care of while you are traveling. Since pets are like family members to some people and can not leave them, we also will make accommodations for car takers while in Cambodia.  

pick up at the airports


After a long arduous 11 hours flight from which ever countries you may have arrive from, the last thing you want to do is bargain for a taxi ride out of the airports.  Do yourself a favor and book yourself a ride out of the airports.  Everything is much more expensive while in the airport zone.  If you just step out of the area, prices will go down.  The taxis and transportation companies must pay to operate in the lucrative airport zone.

legal help


Rules and Laws of Cambodia may be different from your countries of origin.  Don't be surprised seeing a young girl barely 11 years old serving alcohol to patrons.  What is the age of consent? Is smoking marijuana legal? Can I legally operate a vehicle/motorcyle in Cambodia?  These and many other questions may help you from having a good time to spending time in Cambodia's notorious jails. 

Our Tuk Tuk Drivers

Mr. Chan Thou


"I had the great fortune of having Chan Thou provided as my Tuk Tuk driver for two months while i was directing WHERE ELEPHANTS WEEP, a Cambodian-American Rock Opera. During this time I found Chan Thou to be a ver safe, reliable and honest driver whose extensive knowledge of the city made getting around very easy. His English is very good and we communicated without confusion." Robert McQueen.

Mr. Kim Tuk Tuk


"I provide safe and reliable transportation around Phnom Penh and can provide half day and full day tours.  " Kim was a friend to us, from the first moment we met. He speaks very good english and his services are excelent. He is not only a driver but also a good guide. He told us many things, about life in Cambodia and give us lots of useful recommendations. Thank you very much ." Zbynek

Siem Reap's only lady tuk tuk


Kim is a single mother of two young children, one of whom has a hearing and speaking disability. Determined to provide for her children, she decided to go into business for herself. After receiving her driver's license, she negotiated a loan to purchase a Tuk Tuk carriage and motor bike. Now, predominantly parked in front of the Shinta Mani Shack Boutique Resort in Siem Reap, Kim gets rave reviews for her careful driving and dependable service.

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