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In order to have an open mind, one must be able to take in different cultures and people.  Once we become comfortable, we tend to stop learning.

Learn from experience

I may be an expert in all things Cambodia, but traveling to neighboring countries, I myself feel like a lost tourist.  It will takes years and years to finally take in different cultures and way of life. And that is what life should be about.

reason i created this website

I wanted to be free from the grinds of daily life of working a 9-5 and not really having much for life to offer.  This website pushes me to learn about travels, Cambodia, people, cultures, and most important food.

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Wild N Wacky Cambodia

Cambodia's young population


Due to the Khmer Rouge Civil War and poor nutrition and health, Cambodians did not enjoy a long elderly life.  It was not uncommon to witness people as young as 55 buried in an early death.  Half of the population of Cambodia is under 24 years of age.  Could be a blessing in disguise with a strong number of laborers.

No age requirements for beers


Having to wait until 21 to enjoy a refreshing gulp of good old beer in USA kept many people away from early morning headaches.  Cambodia does not fully monitor the age in which people consume alcohol.  At many weddings and parties, you will be seeing kids as young as 10 years old drinking beer!  The beer company does a tremendous job in advertising in Cambodia.

Splitting the tabs


If you are planning to invite or meet up a Cambodian friend for lunch or dinner.  Be specific who is paying and how much.  Its not uncommon to invite a person, only to find out that person has invited another person and you end up forking the entire amount.  Food and beverages is not cheap in the big cities such as Phnom Penh.

Everyday is the Weekends


Growing up in USA, I also look forward to the weekends.  Days off, relax, go to the park.  In Cambodia, the idea of weekends are really not the norms.  You have plenty of holidays where the countries celebrates, but other than that Monday through Sunday is party night for the rich, and work for the poor.

Extreme disparity of wealth


You'll see a nice big mansion right next to a tin covered hut.  Its Cambodia.  The divide between the haves and have not is clearly evident.  Its something you must take with a grain of salt.

Obsession with light skin


While in the West, people spend all day in tanning booths and at the beach trying to get that perfect tan, Cambodians are spending much of their incomes trying to lighten up their skins.  

Light skin is associated with wealth and knowledge while dark skins is associated with hard labor and poor.  Discrimination by color of skin is very prevalent in Cambodia.