Money and Exchange Rates


Exchange Rates May Vary Daily

The best rule of thumb when converting US Dollars to Khmer Riels

$1 US dollar = 4,000 Khmer Riels

The people like stability so many of the times they prefer US dollars over Khmer Riels.

When converting they maybe slight differences  in a few 100's Riels (pennies) since Cambodia does not generally use coins.

Thai Bahts to Khmer Riels

On the border of Cambodia and Thailand, the Thai Baht is prevalent also.  It is used commonly as US Dollars and Khmer Riels.

Usually 1 Thai Baht is approximately = 123 Khmer Riels

cash rules & tips

Cambodians are very picky when it comes to accepting cash.  If you have a bill that is slightly ripped or discolored they may not accept it at all.  Not even small businesses to large ones.  You will find it very discouraging when some one in Cambodia does not accept your currency.

Go to your banks first

Good idea is to head to your local banks first, and get as many clean and shiny bills as possible. They may not take the old Ben Franklin bills still circulating around.  You have to realize that a whole month's worth of income might be only $100 , therefore if they get hit with a fake bill it may mean not eating for the month.  I like to break my $100 into many new $20's as possible.  Carry a lot of $1 bills if you don't like to figure out the exchange rates.

Banks in Cambodia

Mom & Pops Exchange Shops


You will find them throughout the cities and provinces.  They will exchange your currencies to other currencies.  They usually round off the rates to make a slight profit.  Don't expect many to speak to you other than the Khmer language.  They are best for small, fast , and close to transactions.

Money Wire Transfers


Money Graham and Western Union are readily available in the cities and some provinces.  Make sure that whoever is sending you money from abroad that they send it with your correct name on your I.D. One letter missing and you can kiss your wait in line good bye!

banks and financial institutions


There are a number of Banks and Financial Institutions in Cambodia.  Being a tourist you may not need to visit any, unless getting a wire transfer or something.  ATM's are readily available and for a fee you can use your ATM to withdraw money.  Some ATM's let you withdraw in increments of $10's.

Wing Cambodia


Cambodia is trying to move into the digital era, and fintech is finally creeping up in Cambodia.  One of the fastest growing companies I see in Cambodia amongst the locals is Wing Cambodia.  Good transfer money in Cambodia for a cheap fee.  Less currency to put in your pocket when traveling.

Crypto Currency


Still in its infancy in Cambodia, I have to be honest and say I am not too familiar with the subject.  I would make sure you have other forms of payments before thinking crypto currency will save you in Cambodia.

Pi Pay


Pi Pay is the most innovative and complete cashless payment platform in Cambodia - built around a consumer-facing app that incorporates merchant payment services with a range of social and lifestyle features including Chat, Maps and Friend Finder, and a growing network of retail partners in the Kingdom.

Pi Pay services will change the face of Cambodia’s economy by combining convenience and reliability with the security and integrity of world-class payment technology and infrastructure.