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Angkor Wat, Cambodia

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Gift Ideas

hand made soaps and candles

Hand made soaps

These are totally natural made and have unique smells and ingredients like Kampot pepper or lemon-grass. Soaps and Candles are very suitable to become a gift which brings Cambodia smells to your home. Khmer curry is one of the most favorite scents in Cambodia that may help you experience unforgettable scents in your life.

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Textiles and Batiks

Cambodia is a country that has a long history of silk and cotton textile with eye-catching colors and designs. The art of batik fabrics which people use a special dyes method to pain colorful detail and fabric are considered as one of the most popular styles of Cambodian textiles. You can also find for yourself a colorful textile in the Institute for Khmer traditional textile situated in Siem Reap.

Betel Nut Boxes

Betel Nut Boxes

These boxes beside serving for decoration, they also are the reflection of the owner status regarding to the size, the material and design. These boxes are mainly made from silver with ornate design and crafted to animal shapes. The manufacture of these boxes is mostly handmade because of the complicated and craftsmanship traditional skills.

Rice Paper Printed

Rice paper prints

This souvenir is made by putting a rice paper on a shape derived from a bas-relief carving from temples of Angkor, then lighted rubbed over with soft charcoal. Rice paper printed will look more attractive when being framed. The big advantages of this souvenir are small size, decorative, meaningful and affordable.

Buddha figures reproductions

Sculpture Reproductions

Cambodia has incredible reproductions and copies technique at very reasonable prices. The local craftsmen will use the mined stone that also used to construct the ancient temple to produce sculptures. With skillful hands, these sculpture reproductions have even tricked some experts. In Cambodia market, tourist can find the bronze images of petit statues, Buddha figures, heads, etc. These figures are allowed to export freely.

Copper and Bronze Arts

Copper and Bronze Arts

This is one of Cambodia most long history and skillful traditional craftsmanship. Compare to other product, copper are is not the same familiar because of heavyweight and expensive price. However, copper artwork worth to be highlighted. Artisans spend hours to sculpture pieces of copper on ornate designs. Many of these artworks are shaped according to god spirits and figures, including Buddha.

Memories to take home

Kampot Peppers

Kampot Peppers

A pinch of black pepper added to any recipe works more than just a flavour enhancer. Not only bring flavour to a dish, this king of spices is famous for a number of health benefits for digestion, weight loss, bioavailability, and metabolism. Therefore, it has no reason to buy some pepper when you are on the land that produces one of the best peppers in the world. Grew throughout Kampot province, Kampot pepper is strong, delicate and aromatic thanks to the cool climate and quartz-rich soil. This kind of gift from Cambodia will for sure keep your kitchen busy and happy.

Palm Black Wooden Spoons


The sugar palm tree is Cambodia's designated national tree, a great symbol of pride and strength, and you often see them around Cambodia, most notably flanking the temples of Angkor Wat. You would also see its products beautifully laid out in night markets all over Cambodia with its beautiful grains and sturdy finish.

Palm wood is one of the strongest wood and together with its water resistant nature it is suitable for making small and strong tools such as cutlery, cooking utensils and other items such as cup and plates. We have designed this course for you to carve your own set consisting of a pair of fork and spoon and a plate . However, there are many others to choose from and you can carve anything else outside the set for an additional fee. What could be a better than to gift a loved one back home a palm tree set made by your own hands!

Rice Wine With Snake inside


Snake wine is an alcoholic beverage that includes a whole venomous snake in the bottle. It originated in Vietnam and can be found around Southeast Asia. The snakes, preferably venomous ones, are not usually preserved for their meat but to have the snake poison dissolved in the liquor. 

However, the snake venom is denatured by the ethanol; its proteins are unfolded and therefore inactivated.

The snake is often placed with many smaller snakes, turtles, insects, or birds, and left to steep for many months. The wine is drunk as a restorative in small shots or cups.

Sculptured Works


The one that is carefully made by local artists is unique. You may see images of Cambodia cultures such as a small version of a statue, Buddha figures, heads, Khmer patterns through these works.

Light to carry, yet will last a lifetime.

Harem Pants

Harem pants

Amazing Unique Harem Pants made from fairtrade beautiful traditional hill tribe fabric from the North of Cambodia.

With open-side legs and ankle cuffs with adjustable straps, you can move freely while practicing yoga, doing the split, or chasing butterflies in the mountains.

Suitable for both men and women.
Elastic waist on the back allows the pants to fit most sizes.

Cambodian Kramas

Cambodian Kramas

Perhaps no garment is as distinctively Khmer as the Cambodian krama. Worn by men, women and children of just about every social class across the country, it is unique to Cambodia and to the sizeable ethnic Khmer communities in neighbouring northeast Thailand and southern Vietnam. It’s not clear why the krama should be so uniquely Cambodian, though it has been speculated that it may be linked to the country’s ancient Indic past, since turbans are more generally associated with South Asia than with Southeast Asia. Not that the krama is simply a turban – it has many more uses.