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Things to Bring Along

Copies of your identification


Shit happens! Never is the worst feeling in the world when you lost or misplaced your wallet.  It only gets worst losing in Cambodia. Make color copies of vital documents and id's and put them in plastic folders stored in a safe place like your hotel safe or luggage.  It may come in handy later on.

bath towels


If you are staying in a fancy hotel, there's no need to bring extra towels. But if you are a backpacker or guesthouse guest I would suggest bring a few extra towels.  Your laundry is usually washed with other people's clothes, and the foul odor does not go away. Towels are light on the suitcase and help protect valuable electronics.

Packaged snacks


Your Western tummy may not be that strong to deal with chemicals and cleanliness in Cambodian standards.  Even airplane food sucks for me.  I rather eat a full meal before the flight and snack on a few bags of beef jerkys during the flight along with some packaged nuts and almonds.  Those long 20 hour flights make you hungry.

Credit and Debit Cards


Along with some cash in hand, I would definitely want to bring 2-4 different cards and place them in different areas on my person or luggage.  Cambodia has really improved from its "cash is King" days, but its always handy to have cash in your pocket and pay with debit/credit cards for major items.  Thieves will most likely return your wallet knowing they can not use your debit/credit cards.

GSM /Unlocked phones


Having a unlocked smart phone in Cambodia does wonders.  You can buy a nano sim and put it in your phone and you are connected to the internet.  Sims are readily available. Some will sell you sim cards that does not require identification.  A smart phone is a must because you can use ride-share services in Cambodia without paying an arm and leg for tuk tuk or taxi services.



If you have a health condition or need certain prescriptions, make sure you bring extra supplies to Cambodia.  Not all prescription drugs or readily available.  And some stores will sell you drugs that is from some shady company doing business in China or India.  I would stick with Western brands.  We also have a partnership with a local pharmacy if you need recommendations.

Need a tour guide?

Carry Ons

sun screen/sun glasses


A good idea to pack yourself some sun screen and pair of sun glasses while traveling throughout Cambodia.  It gets very hot and humid during dry season and the sun pounds on you like an 800 pound gorilla.  Don't forget most of Angkor Wat is made of stones and it reflects the heat rays from the sun.  Better off to be safe than sorry and buy sun screen from Western pharmacies.

Power banks for your phones


Your smart phone will come in handy in 

Cambodia.  From researching your trip, booking a hotel, or catching a ride.., but it can't do it without power.  

Plenty of stores in Cambodia that will sell you a Chinese power bank, but I suggest you bring along the one you have.  Electronics sold in Cambodia tends to be the "B" grade electronics that do not last long.

Portable Wifi device


In the cities you will find many outlets that will provide you  free wi-fi for using their services.  In the outer provinces is another story.  Services are sporadic if any.

There are several international mobile wi-fi devices that I highly recommend bringing to Cambodia.  With unlimited internet usage, you can call with wi-fi.  Phone communication is very expensive compared to Western countries.

Portable Laptop


You can be so much more productive using a laptop versus typing on your mobile smart phone.  If you have a light laptop such as a Mac Air or other light laptops, it will come in handy.

Don't rely on the guest houses or hotels to provide their customers with a computer or one that is actually usuable.  

Your laptop becomes your media of choice when you just want to lie in bed.



There is a reason why they called the travelers through out Cambodia, "backpackers", its because they carry a backpack on their backs.

Highly recommened each individual carry their own backpacks to keep valuables and a bottle of water handy.  Don't forget about that glaring sun rays at Angkor Wat.  You can not trust that your items will be still their at the hotel/guesthouse you are staying at.

small camera


How else are you going to take those wonderful pictures of you standing at the gates of Angkor Wat?  A DSLR camera is too big and bulky to carry around.  You want to stay light as possible.

There are plenty of photographers willing to take your pictures and print you souvenirs at the exit doors.  

Do's & Don'ts

Cambodian Immigration Police


Do not fall victims of bribery due to Cambodian Immigration officials asking for "tea" money.  Signs are posted everywhere at the aiport not to give money to them.

Use of Smartphones


Be aware of your surroundings.  Never stick out your smart phones or cameras longer than needed.  A pick pocket or grab person on a moto is a common crime.

Street kids


Be aware that in touristy areas of the countries is where the young children will try to make an income for their families.  You give to one, another 20 will surround you.